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В дополнение - Юлия Латынина и ее творчество
Июль 10, 2016
11:12 pm


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В дополнение
UK cop: “There are areas we have to ask Muslim leaders’ permission to patrol”

Left-wing German politician who was raped by migrants admits she LIED to police about her attackers' nationality because she did not want to encourage racism

‘Foreign Men’ Molest And Rape 40 Girls At Swedish Music Festival
The epidemic of mass sexual assaults by so-called “foreign men” at Swedish music festivals continues, with reports of nearly 40 assaults, including five rapes, at the country’s largest festival.

Married Couple Sentenced For Migrant Critical Facebook Group
A German couple were taken to court and sentenced after they created a Facebook group that criticised migrants and the government’s mass migration policy.

Obama: “I think it’s very hard to untangle the motives of this shooter” in Dallas

Leader of Philadelphia protest march calls Dallas shooting ‘justified rage’

Двое рабочих в Испании были уволены за прогул в течение 15 лет


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