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В дополнение - Юлия Латынина и ее творчество
Июль 27, 2016
09:41 am


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В дополнение
Юлия Латынина: "И, как я уже сказала, Трамп в своей экономической программе не правый. Трамп в своей экономической программе достаточно левый, хотя он и говорит о сокращении налогов и так далее."

A Full List of Donald Trump's Rapidly Changing Policy Positions


1. The wealthy should pay more.

"I would take carried interest out, and I would let people making hundreds of millions of dollars a year pay some tax, because right now they are paying very little tax and I think it's outrageous," Trump told Bloomberg last August, noting that he'd be OK paying more taxes. "I want to lower taxes for the middle class."

2. Cut taxes for the wealthy big time.

But in September, he released a plan that silenced anti-tax critics with a proposal that slashed taxes for the wealthy, big time. A whopping 67 percent of the overall cost of his individual tax cuts would go to the top 20 percent of earners, while 35 percent of it would go to the top 1 percent, according to the Tax Policy Center's analysis.

It's unclear how Trump would pay for such drastic cuts —estimated to slash $10 trillion of taxes, which would be then add that much to the national debt and deficit over a decade (more on Trump's flip-flopping position on paying off the national debt below) — but Trump insisted he could do it by offering the vague promise of striking better deals and cutting government waste.

3. People like me should pay more.

Trump was asked again in April during a "TODAY" town hall if he believed in raising taxes on the wealthy. Despite the big tax cuts for the wealthy outlined in his own tax plan, he said:

"I do, I do, including myself. I do."

In a series of interviews in early May, he claimed that his tax proposal was a starting point for negotiations and the taxes on the rich would go up.

On Sunday, May 8, Trump told ABC that taxes on the wealthy would "go up a little bit" in negotiations and that, as a wealthy person himself, he is personally OK with higher taxes. "I am willing to pay more. And you know what? Wealthy are willing to pay more. We've had a very good run," he said.

He told NBC's Chuck Todd something similar: It's all negotiable.

"Under my proposal, it's the biggest tax cut by far, of any candidate by far. But I'm not under the illusion that that's going to pass. They're going to come to me. They're going to want to raise it for the rich. Frankly, they're going to want to raise it for the rich more than anybody else," Trump said. "But the middle class has to be protected. The rich is probably going to end up paying more. And business might have to pay a little bit more. But we're giving a massive business tax cut."

Pressed on that last, confusing point - that business might pay more but also get a tax cut - Trump said he meant more than his existing proposal: "Excuse me. I said they might have to pay a little bit more than my proposal."

He didn't offer such a qualification for the wealthy until the next day.

4. I never said that! Cut everyone's taxes!

On Monday, May 9, he went on CNN to refute what he'd said the day before.

"I said that I may have to increase on the wealthy — I'm not going to allow it to be increased on the middle class — now, if I increase it on the wealthy, that means they're still going to be paying less than they're paying now. I'm not increasing it from this point, I'm talking about increasing from my tax proposal," Trump told CNN, insisting that overall there would be a tax decrease for the rich and middle class alike.

5. Maybe don't slash taxes by $10 billion — slash taxes by $3 billion, instead.

A senior economic advisor Larry Kudlow said Wednesday at an RNC event that the tax plan had been revised to only slash taxes by $3 billion — a third of what was initially proposed — and lower the top individual tax rate to between 30-33 percent, up from the 25 percent he'd initially proposed but below the current top tax rate of 39.6 percent. The campaign has not confirmed this.

Current position: Tax cuts for everyone, but maybe not as much as initially proposed."

Сейчас Трамп обещает сокращать налоги для всех, но не понятно как он это будет делать. Поскольку я не разу слышал, какие госрасходы он собирается резать. При этом он хочет повысить расходы на армию, отстроить инфраструктуру (мосты и дороги) и, при этом, еще сократить госдолг.


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