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В дополнение - Юлия Латынина и ее творчество
Август 16, 2016
01:10 pm


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В дополнение
Government seizes Auburn Hills-based plant in Venezuela

Hard Times in Venezuela Breed Malaria as Desperate Flock to Mines
Many turn to panning for black-market gold in the watery pits of mines, where mosquitoes infect them. Once they return home to recover, the disease spreads.

Venezuela Is Descending Into Chaos. Now This Issue Is on America’s Doorstep.
The number of Venezuelans applying for asylum is up 168 percent in fiscal 2016

Venezuela and China Look to Strengthen Economic Ties

Global oil market faces less Venezuela supply in 2017 -Columbia Univ.

Life in Venezuela: How One Man Looks to the Sky to Keep His Mind off the Crisis

Drop in Venezuela investment could have impact on world’s oil supply

Lack of investment, payment delays hamper Venezuela oil output

Venezuela food crisis deepens as shipments plummet


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